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How We Work

Keep in mind that you can finish our process online or over the phone and that it is entirely paperless! You may set up any of our services without ever leaving your home, from asking for an estimate to scheduling the work to paying your bill!To begin, get in touch with us!

When you have to do it for the first time, getting your trees trimmed or determining what might be wrong with them can be frustrating experiences. Different tree service providers may use various methods of communication, follow various protocols, and even hold various viewpoints regarding how to care for your trees. To assist you best take care of your trees, Best Tree Pros adheres to industry-standard best practices. We have established a workflow that guarantees you receive the answers you require without delay or bother.​


The office is the primary point of contact for all of our clients, whether via phone, email, or the website.The pertinent information, including your address, email address, and the status of your trees, will be obtained by our office personnel.
Your email address is necessary for us to provide you with an effective, quick service.Your arborist may typically be reached most easily by email, and we also send written quotations and bills via email. (Don't worry, we won't sell or use your email information for anything other than getting in touch with you about your trees.)



Every day, our arborists visit a number of locations to oversee work, assess trees, or create estimates.Our arborists are free to spend as much time on a site as they need to because we don't make appointments.Likewise, as long as the arborist has access to the trees, they can visit without anyone having to be home.Of course, we would be delighted to meet with the team member if you wish! We are pleased to arrange for your visit to occur on a day when you can be at home, and we can even arrange for visits to occur on Saturdays. Before going there, one of our arborists can give you a call, and when we arrive, we always knock on the door or ring the doorbell to let you know we are there.
After the crew has assessed your trees, he or she will speak with you about the specifics over the phone or in person before emailing you a written estimate. If a member of the team visits but you are not there, we will always call you first before providing the quote.It's critical that you and a member of our team agree on your expectations for the treatment of your trees as well as any other queries you might have. Your arborist will draft a detailed, itemized work proposal based on your interaction.
The proposal might contain suggestions for various solutions as well as guidelines for maintaining plant health.Please carefully examine your work proposal, and let us know if there are any modifications or clarifications that are necessary.
Scheduling the work is simple if the proposal seems good. Simply respond to your arborist's email indicating your acceptance of the proposal and readiness to arrange. Indicate in your email if you need to plan work on a specific day or have any other scheduling requirements. Your arborist will get in touch with you to confirm that A CREW WILL BE OUT TO COMPLETE YOUR TREE WORK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE once they have had a chance to review our current scheduling calendar.
We attempt to send a staff to finish the work within 1-2 weeks, unless you specified that you'd rather wait.The wait may be shorter during slower times; however, tree work may be postponed during storms or other adverse weather conditions. When giving you an estimate, an arborist will go over the current scheduling time with you.
Without setting a certain date, the majority of our clients like to get their work scheduled so that it can be finished as soon as feasible.We can frequently complete your assignment remarkably quickly by doing this. Our workers start their shifts about 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and occasionally on Saturdays. The majority of our clients are simply placed in the line for the first open day, and the job is completed as soon as a slot becomes available.
We at Best Tree Pros value trees, thus we make an effort to use as little paper as possible.All of our contact is sent electronically, and our website accepts payments online.
Please let your arborist know if you would prefer a paper invoice to be mailed to you.
Your arborist serves as the primary point of contact from the creation of a work proposal to completion of the work process.You will have access to his or her mobile phone number and email address, and you are encouraged to contact them with any questions you may have.
In order to ensure that you always receive the same level of attention and care when we deal with your trees, we try to assign the same arborist to repeat clients.
If for some reason you are unable to get in touch with your PRO, our office staff and operations manager are available to assist you in doing so and in getting the information you need.\
At Best Tree Pros, we adore both trees and our clients! We take great satisfaction in offering excellent customer service and a straightforward, transparent approach. We strive to make your tree care personalized, simple, and effective whether you are a new client or have been working with us for a while. Contact us to learn more about our processes or to schedule an arborist visit.​

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