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Tree Trimming

An important part of general tree care and ensuring the long-term health of your tree is proper tree trimming. Any tree's pruning requirements can be accurately determined by our expertise.

As an investment, trees require adequate care to maintain their health, thrive in urban settings, and increase the value of your home for many years to come. We can assist you in doing exactly that by regularly trimming your trees, all while assisting in the prevention of future problems.

Pruning young trees enables your tree to grow in a way that extends its lifespan and helps to maintain your trees health. Pruning young trees helps to establish a good limb structure.
More mature trees should be pruned to allow more light and air to reach the top. This will improve the overall wellness of the tree and any plant growth in its shade as well as reducing the risk of storm damage.


The most serious risk of using improper pruning or trimming techniques is a shortening of the tree's lifespan. When a tree is improperly trimmed, it frequently changes forever, making any attempt to "fix it" expensive and difficult.
The best approach to guarantee that your tree has a long and healthy life is to have it evaluated by our staff and trimmed by one of our talented crews.



We follow the tree pruning and trimming standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to help further ensure techniques that are secure and advantageous for your trees. These trimming guidelines for trees are divided into four sections: crown cleaning, thinning, rising, and decreasing (done only when necessary).


Cleaning the crown of your tree entails removing all dead, damaged, or diseased branches from the entire tree.


Raising your tree creates the vertical clearance needed to pass beneath it, which is frequently necessary to comply with city rules.


The creative removal of living plant material from dense sections within your tree is known as "thinning," which reduces weight and improves the safety of wind passage through your tree.

We proudly uphold these standards since it distinguishes us from the competition and enables us to maintain the strength and health of the trees in our neighborhood.A job well done is something Texas Tree Surgeons is proud of. After we have finished pruning your tree, we will gladly use one of our trailers or chipper trucks to transport the waste we generated. Please let us know if you would want to have any of the wood left for your use (such as firewood) or stacked on your curb for curbside collection. Our aim is to leave your yard in better shape and your trees in stunning condition than when we came.​

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